Introducing "Goals" feature

Be a fighter, a winner. Set a goal and earn towards it with the new "Goals" feature we've added.

This newly added feature allows users to give their earnings a meaning, an achievement to work towards. Because it's a lot easier to achieve anything in life when you have a very clear set objective in mind, this new "Goals" feature helps users stay motivated and encouraged to make money on BTCsurveys, since they're reminded of the reward that awaits them upon reaching their set goals.

How to set a goal?

In the side menu, you can now find a new tab "Goals", which leads you to this feature. 

Then you're able to set the name of the goal (example: Apple Pro XDR Display) and a target amount you need to reach in order to achieve your goal (example: $8500.00). 

Earning money by completing surveys will fill the bar, which tells you, how much % you've already earned towards reaching your set goal. 

When the goal is reached, you're then able to share your achievement on social media and set a new one.

We hope, you'll find this feature a useful tool on your survey-taking journey and that, you will achieve all of your goals.

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