BTCsurveys - A Bitcoin for your Thoughts is a Bitcoin earning platform, where users earn by completing short surveys provided by brands and research firms doing customer research.

Since our launch in January 2020, Over 30.000 users have joined the platform and we saw American users earn up to $8 - $10 per hour (in BTC) completing surveys.

How it Works
We match you with brands who want to hear from people like you (i.e. Tesla wants to know what Europeans think of Cybertruck, and they'll pay you $1 to hear your thoughts). When you complete a survey, we get paid in USD, and we credit your account with a near equal amount of Bitcoin, minus our small profit margin.

How do we make money?
We take a small cut on top of the survey payout owed to you. For example, if a survey pays us $1, you might receive $.95. This profit margin fluctuates as Bitcoin's price fluctuates too.

Other quick notes

  • Our surveys are available to users in 53 different countries
  • The minimal withdrawal is .001 BTC
  • In America, earnings can be as high as $8 - $10 per hour of survey taking. Earnings vary by country though.

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