BTCsurvey's 10-10 Referral Program Explained

With the "10-10" referral program, we pay a bonus when you first bring aboard a new user through your referral link, and then you can continuously earn more from that same user as they take our paid surveys at . Our top survey takers earn as much as $10 per day—if they were referred by you, you would be earning $1 per day as they take surveys. These referrals are paid out in real-time: continuously and immediately after they finish their surveys.

You can find your referral link here

What if surveys aren’t available in my country? BTCsurvey’s paid surveys are currently available in 53 countries. If you aren’t in an eligible country, you can’t take surveys yourself, but you can still recruit referrals from other countries for a share of their survey earnings.

Best ways to Promote your Referral Link: 
The Quick and The Easy (less than 5 minutes): 
- Share it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
- Text or message your close friends and family
- Make a Reddit Post
- Add it to your signature on web forums

Some Serious Promoting (less than 1 hour): 
- Make a YouTube video about, and promote your referral link in the description
- Promote it in a blog post
- Make and share memes about
- Promote it on pay-to-click sites or on traffic exchange sites
- Create and share a guide for earning on

Going the Extra Mile (a day's project): 
- Hang flyers around your neighborhood, city, or college campus
- Buy some online ads that promote your referral link
- Organize a seminar to promote your referral link (we've seen it done before!)

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